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Custom softplastic fishing lure mould
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         Warmisham Lures History


WARMISHAM  LURES was started by Joe Warmisham in 2002.

Designing new, unique and realistic flies & lures!


This all came about after becoming ill and unable to work for a number of years. Deciding something had to be done to beat the boredom, I started out making trout flies as a hobby. To start with, they were not very good, but after time they improved, and then I sold them to a few retails shops!


I started thinking of new ideas, working out what will work, then working out how to do it!


Wanting more, I made the first prototype for the large softplastic grub back in 2002. Making a single mould, I then gave them out to the public through a local shop. After getting amazing feedback, I decided to see what else I could come up with. I designed my first hard bodied diving grub, though I didn't have the space or equipment to start making these to sell. The design sat in a box until a few years ago when I made a few prototypes to get feedback. People loved these lures, so I will be making these to sell very soon!


Other moulds were made and tested, then improved to produce better quality lures! Now I have designed a range of unique and realistic lures which will be added to my site when they are ready to sell!


I have done everything myself from designing and making this website, designing the labels and logo's, designing and making the moulds for the lures and the lures themselves, and I'm still working on new things for my site!  




I have now designed and made over 45 Quality  softplastics, with a few more designs left to make, which will give us the largest range of 100% Australian designed and made softplastics.


We also have designs for inline spinners, shaker blades, vibrating blade lures, spinnerbaits, gamefish lures and a range of hard bodied lures, which will all be available

once they are ready to sell.


Joe warmisham
Softplastic crab fishing lure